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Couple Therapy

"We've hit a wall. Things between us are not the same. We are together and so alone. The distance is vast and the pain is palpable. Something needs to change."

Does this sound like your experience? Sometimes the loneliest place is in a stuck relationship. In couple therapy we will work on moving the relationship into a more intimate, satisfying, respectful experience. We will explore the stories that have impacted the relationship, the changes that have transpired, and the shifts that need to be made. Together you will work at developing the kind of relationship you both deserve. You can expect to explore new ways of communicating and connecting that will open space for greater understanding.  

Our initial session will focus on gaining an understanding of what the underlying issues are and what you hope to accomplish in therapy. The following two sessions, I will meet with both partners individually to gain insight on each person's life experience and what they bring to the table. The fourth session will be a feedback session where we will collaborate on setting treatment goals and I will present my observations. By the fifth session, we will be working on new ways of managing conflict, communicating, recreating trust, and emotional intimacy. An in depth analysis of the relationship will allow us to really hone in on the problem areas and develop real solutions for your relationship. 

Common issues that are faced in couples therapy include:

  • conflict management/anger

  • communication difficulty

  • infidelity/trust issues

  • phase of life issues

  • parenting issues

  • sexual dissatisfaction

  • extended family issues 

  • blended family issues

  • divorce/separation concerns

  • decreased marital satisfaction

  • financial stress

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