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Individual Therapy

Across your life span you will be a part of many relationships, and the most important one is the one with yourself. Life gets tough and its hard not to get "stuck" in unhealthy behaviors, beliefs, and relationships. Many times we don't even realize how we get to these points. This does not mean it needs to continue this way. 

In therapy we can honestly explore the areas of your life that are leading to stress, anxiety, depression, interpersonal problems, and all the baggage that comes with that. You can rely on honest feedback that will help you push through your challenges and allow you to bring your best self forward. 

In your first session, we will work on identifying what goals you want to accomplish and decide if we will be a good match. Research shows that one of the most important factors in the success of therapy is the relationship established between the client and the therapist. Our relationship will be one built on trust, understanding, and honesty. Once we begin treatment, we will work getting you "unstuck" and develop life skills that will lead to a more authentic, productive, and meaningful life. So why wait? Your life is waiting for you.

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